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“Did the first baker in Naples to smear tomato pulp on a patch of dough realize he was starting a cult? He was, and its house of worship in New York is Una Pizza Napoletana. True believers can recite the standing menu of six pies. Some pies bring the pinprick acidity in buffalo mozzarella to the foreground; others hit you with oregano’s mildly druggy aroma of camphor. But above all, the faithful come for the soft, tender, char-freckled crust. It has more integrity and character than some of the people you talk to every day.” – The New York Times

“Una Pizza’s margherita is a miracle of pizza development and evolution unlike any other Neapolitan pie in the world, with its springy texture and premium toppings. And you don’t feel weighted down after finishing it because it’s light.” – Eater

“With two starters, a handful of pizzas, and a tight selection of wines, the vision marks a return to the simplicity with which Mangieri has always felt most comfortable: a few things done as well as possible; an argument for restraint.” – Esquire

“In a profession filled with slightly off-kilter perfectionists, few cooks have built a reputation for single-minded obsession and devotion to craft like New York City’s (and New Jersey’s) great pizza master, Anthony Mangieri.” – Grub Street

“A stand-up example of sit-down pizza” – The New York Times

“Few chefs have the following that Anthony Mangieri has amassed over the last 16 years” – Pizza Today

“The unofficial front man for the Naples style pizza revolution” – New York Magazine

“But his is not a restaurant that makes apologies. It is focused, solely and narrowly, on one idealized style of pizza — which may not be yours — and is guided by an uncommon clarity of purpose.” – The New York Times

“Words alone won’t give you a full idea of how this poofy, wood-fired crust tastes, but we still have to try (because it’s our job). Adjectives like airy, soft, fluffy, chewy, and pillowy come to mind, but we’re going to go with “supernatural” for now… Owner Anthony Mangieri never stops messing around with the mixtures of flour to try and make the crust lighter. He should just sit back and take the win. It’s hard to imagine the crust getting any better.” – The Infatuation



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