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Located in New York’s Lower East Side, this Una Pizza Napoletana is the sixth iteration of Anthony Mangieri’s pizzeria. Since the beginning, the focus has been on the naturally-leavened, wood-fired pizzas. Complemented with a few appetizers, made-daily ice cream and seasonal sorbetto, and a selection of Italian wines and beer, enjoy sitting in our dining room surrounded by one-of-a-kind pieces of art (many of which were created by dear friends) while watching the tight knit Una team work the dough by hand and carefully bake only three pizzas at a time in our wood-fired oven. The choice to have only one location allows for an obsessive focus on every detail.

In its latest iteration, Una has been named the #1 pizzeria in the world by 50 Top Pizza for 2022. We have also been recognized recently in US media outlets including the TODAY Show, CBS Mornings, Esquire and Michelin Guide



Anthony Mangieri is a pioneer of Neapolitan-style pizza in the United States.

A native of New Jersey, Anthony grew up in a close-knit Italian-American family and developed a pizza obsession from a young age, persuading his mother to drive him to every well-known pizzeria in the tri-state area. This early fixation developed into a lifelong dedication to creating the perfect pizza—something that he remains steadfastly dedicated to every day.

At 22, Anthony opened a bread bakery called Sant Arsenio in Red Bank, NJ. Three years later, in 1996, he established Una Pizza Napoletana in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. Anthony relocated Una Pizza Napoletana to Manhattan’s East Village in 2004, where his pizzas drew lines of customers and rave reviews (New York Times, The New Yorker to name a few). Looking for better weather and closer proximity to the great outdoors, Anthony relocated the pizzeria to San Francisco in 2010, where the third iteration of Una Pizza Napoletana continued to enthrall critics and pizza lovers alike (SFGATE, San Francisco Chronicle).

Anthony returned to New York’s Lower East Side in 2018 and then opened a location in New Jersey’s Atlantic Highlands in 2020. Una Pizza Napoletana reopened its now one and only location on the Lower East Side in March 2022, after Anthony spent months transforming the space to meet his vision. In its latest iteration, Una has continued to garner praise, claiming the #1 spot on 50 Top Pizza’s 2022 global ranking. US media took notice as well, including the TODAY Show, CBS Mornings, Esquire and Michelin Guide.

In 2022, Anthony launched Genio Della Pizza, a frozen product he’s spent three years working on to reclaim quality in the freezer section.

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