Turbo Gragnano* | Sparkling Red

Della Penisola Sorrentina | Piedirosso, Sciascinoso, Suppezza, Aglianico and Castagnara. Fresh & lively, fruity, taste of berries. Ancient Neapolitan wine. Organic.

14 / 52

Vino Bianco Frizzante* | Sparkling White

Cantina Giardino | Coda di Volpe, Falanghina, Fiano. Skin-on fermentation, then in bottle with Greco must. Cloudy, amber, dry. Made in very small batches. Organic.

19 / 72

Publius | Sparkling Orange

Gaia Felix | Asprinio. Grown in volcanic soils using rare varietal indigenous grapes to Campania. The Alberate-trained vines, trained to grow amongst the branches of trees, require ladders to complete harvest. Herbaceous, botanical, structured, and tannic. Tight bubbles and plenty of acidity. Natural and biodynamic. 

24 / 108

Vino Rosato Frizzante* | Sparkling Rosato

Cantina Giardino | Aglianico, Primitivo, Piedirosso, Coda di Volpe. Gentle, dry, sparkling wine. Sunset hue. Tart red cherry and blood orange bitters.

67 bottle only


Falanghina Del Sannio

Fontanavecchia | Falanghina. One of Italy’s most highly celebrated Falanghina. Seven-day fermentation, then in stainless tanks. Straw & pale green. Honeysuckle, yellow apple, nectarine, and Meyer lemon. Creamy & medium-bodied. Crisp, clean, and pure.
13 / 49

Scuola Lacryma Christi

Poggio delle Baccanti | Caprettone, Catalanesca, Falanghina. Grapes grown in volcanic soil by Mt. Vesuvius. Pressed and aged in both oak barrels and stainless steel tanks. Medium bodied, notes of citrus, and a soft smokey finish. Organic with very little sulfites.   

14 / 50 

Costa D’Amalfi Tramonti Bianco

Guiseppe Apicella | Falanghina, Biancolella. Hand-picked, pressed without the stems. Skin-on for 20 to 30 days. Straw yellow color, scent of tropical fruits, flowers & honey. Fresh with a degree of acidity.

14 / 52

Campi Flegri*

Agnanum | Falanghina. Bold and dry. Vines over 200 years old. Layered soil composition, volcanic ash, sand, soil. Pear, apple, peach. Honey and minerals. Crisp and refreshing.

15 / 55

Loggia Della Serra

Terradora DiPaolo | Greco Di Tufo. 100% Greco grapes. Fermentation and aging in stainless tanks. Medium gold color, rich aromatics of apricot, apple & citrus. Full-bodied, well-balanced with a perfect amount of acidity.

16 / 59




Cantina Giardino | Aglianico, Coda di Volpe. Skin-on fermentation, then in oak barrels. Black & blue fruits. Light tannins, cleansing acidity. Organic.

12 glass only

Lachryma Christi

Poggio Delle Baccanti | Piedirosso. “Tears of Christ” Grapes indigenous to the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. Macerated for nearly two weeks for a solid tannic structure. Left unfiltered and unfined with no additions. Red fruits, spices. Full bodied & dry. Organic.

13 / 47

Costa D’Amalfi Tramonti Rosso

Giuseppe Apicella | Tintore di Tramonti, Aglianico, Piedirosso. Grapes planted between 1930 -1960. Hand-harvested. Skin-on maceration, then four months in stainless tanks, 20 months in oak barrels. Red & violet color. Red fruits and spice. Combination of acidity, tannins, and softness. Full & balanced.

14 / 52

Don Giovanni

Scuola di Vino | Aglianico. Small family-run winery in Campania’s volcanic Irpinia region. Focused exclusively on the Aglianico grape, and producing only three wines, yielding just 1,000 cases in total. With a rustic charm yet a freshness with notes of cherry,  warm spices, and vibrant acidity. Light bodied, balanced, and organic. 

15 / 56


Monte Di Grazia | Piedirosso, Tintore, Muscio, Olivella, Sciascinoso. 100 year old vines. Following ancient rules of cultivation. Stainless tanks. A mix of grapes that recalls the old school wine of farmers. Light but savory. Very drinkable. Organic.

16 / 60

Il Chaos*

Le Fole*

Cantina Giardino | Aglianico. 80 year old vines. One month maceration, then two years in old chestnut barrels. Complex, dark, deep. Perfumed with spicy fruit & wild herbs. Organic & biodynamic.

19 / 70


Cantina Giardino | Aglianico. 75 year old vineyard. Ancient methods. Two months on the skin, two & a half years in chestnut barrels. Earthy, notes of leather, tobacco, and plum. Very complex. Balanced maturity & youth. Organic & biodynamic.

90 bottle only

Nero Ne*

Il Cancelliere | Aglianico. Skin-on fermentation, then 24 months in oak barrels followed by 24 months in the bottle. Spicy & fruity. Ripe fruit, tobacco & sweet spices. Organic.

160 bottle only


Cantina Giardino | Aglianico. 75 to 90 year old vines. Skin-on fermentation, then 12 months in terracotta amphoras. Black currant, rhubarb. Complex, fresh, powerful, and full-bodied tannins. Unrefined and unfiltered. Organic & biodynamic.

170 bottle only

Colli Di Salerno IGT

Montevetrano | Cabernet Sauvignon, Aglianico, Merlot. Very unusual blending of Cabernet, merlot & the classic Campania grape Aglianico. Skin-on fermentation for 20 days in stainless, then in old French barrels. Deep ruby red. Blackberry & spices. Notes of licorice, earth, and leather. Full-bodied and elegant. Silky texture.

190 bottle only

Della Societa – Joaquin*

Taurasi Riserva | Pre-fermentation maceration for 40 days, then stainless tanks with frequent pumping overs. 24 months in oak and acacia wood casks. Savory & classic. Intense red color. Red fruits, sweet spice & tobacco. Full-bodied taste.

395 bottle only


Il Re è Nudo*

Enoz | Rosato. Rich & fruity. 100% primitivo grapes. Ferments spontaneously in amphora, without any maceration of the grapes, with an aging of seven months. Remarkable ability to drink. Fresh sip & balanced softness. Notes of wild strawberries, blueberries, & rose petals. Fully integrated tannins. Savory finish.

20 / 76

“R&B” – Robb de Matt*

285 bottles produced. Set of soft pressing of white and red berried grapes of the whole 2021 harvest. Explosion of red fruits, grapefruit, blueberries and strawberries. Citrus, herbs. Acidity. Super drinkable.

68 bottle only


19 / 70


Cantina Giardino | Coda di Volpe, Falangina. Four days of maceration on skin and aging 12 months in chestnut barrels. Not filtered. Dry and bold. Citrus and stone-fruits. Dried herbs.

20 / 75


Enoz | Falanghina. Six days of maceration and aging in amphora for 8 months. Amber color. Lemon, citrus blossom, white peach, dry herbs. Long finish & rounded tannins. Pleasant mineral strain. Zesty, precise & direct.

20 / 76


Scuola di Vino | Vermentino, Viognier, Incrocio Manzoni. Unfiltered, non clarified, with a golden color. Clean palate with crisp notes of citrus, balsamic herbs, and Mediterranean scrub with light oxidative sensations. Rustic with a boost of rural freshness. Organic.

85 bottle only

* Natural Wine



Lager | Hoppy & with citrus notes. Fruity aroma. Crisp & fresh.


Arancia Fresca

A collaboration between Una and Root + Branch | Gose-style ale. Brewed with wheat, sea salt and hand zested and juiced gold nugget mandarins & Palestinian sweet limes. Limited small batch production. 


Extraomnes 42dB

Extraomnes | Classic Pilsner Malt. 42dB, inspired by the decibel level and noise threshold of inside a pub. A top fermented ale, unpasteurized with fresh yeast. English Golding, Loral, Cascade, Stryan Golding hops. Notes of bread crust, spices, floral and fruity hints with a slight dry and bitter finish.



Baladin | White ale. The first ever 100% Italian ingredient beer. A masterpiece in craft beer. Complex and clean. Deep yellow color, bergamot, and coriander. Balanced with notes of fruit and a gentle bitterness.


Strada San Felice 

Birrificio Grado Plato | Chestnut Amber Lager. Local Italian chestnuts from Piemonte dried over a wood-fire and brewed. Original and distinctive personality.




Baladin | Sierra Leone Kola Nuts.


Spuma Nera

Baladin | Myrtle Leaf, Orange Zest, Rhubarb.



Baladin | Calabrian Citron, Brown Sugar, Lemon.



Baladin | Orange, Tangerine, Lemon, Bergamot.



Acqua Calabria | Sparkling Mineral Water, Espresso, Sugar.


Biondo Bitter

Crodino | Sparkling and bitter with sweet orange and vanilla notes.


Red Bitter

Stappi | Sparkling, dry and bitter. Refreshing herbal and fruity notes.


Italian Water

San Pellegrino | Still or Sparkling.




House Marinated Olives

Gaeta, Cerignola, Castelvetrano and Taggiasca olives. Lemon and rosemary.


Burrata Special 

Burrata, Nduja, Sicilian Sea Salt, Una EVOO, and Lemon Zest. 


Roasted Peppers Napoletana

Peppers roasted in the pizza oven. Italian pine nuts, Sicilian capers, raisins, Sicilian sea salt, parsley, basil, Amalfi Coast wild oregano and Una EVOO.


Salumi Plate

Mortadella, San Gennaro, Finocchiona, Piccante. Served with Californian Walnuts.




San Marzano tomatoes, Amalfi Coast wild oregano, garlic, basil, Sicilian sea salt and Una EVOO.



San Marzano tomatoes, DOP buffalo mozzarella, basil, Sicilian sea salt and Una EVOO.



DOP buffalo mozzarella, garlic, basil, Sicilian sea salt and Una EVOO.



Cherry tomatoes, DOP buffalo mozzarella, garlic, basil, Sicilian sea salt and Una EVOO.



San Marzano tomatoes, Pecorino Romano, basil, Sicilian sea salt and Una EVOO.

No substitutions or toppings.



DOP buffalo mozzarella, spring garlic, Sicilian sea salt, Una EVOO, peperoncino, red tabby spinach. 

No substitutions or toppings.



Grated Vacche Rosse Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 36 Month | 4

Calabrian Long Hot Peppers | 4

Salted Italian Anchovies | 5

Pepperoni | 5


Almond Cremolata 

Creamy frozen dessert made with Sicilian almonds roasted in the pizza oven, whipped local cream and candied orange peel from Noto, Sicily. Made fresh every morning.


Sorrento Lemon Sorbetto

Based on a 100-year-old Mangieri family recipe. Made this morning with freshly squeezed juice.


Indromele “Nettare di Bacco”

Honey mead from Rosignano, Italy.


Espresso Napoletano



Una Tees

Various limited edition designs.



Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, hand-harvested and cold-pressed from 100% Sessana Olives. Limited edition of 500 bottles from the 2022 – 2023 harvest. 750ml.


Una Gift Card

Digital gift cards. Purchase here.